The Special One, The Chosen One & The Tactician trinity; Louis Van Gaal

Right after Moyes sublime passage on the Theatre of Dreams, wearing his victorious red pelerine with “The Chosen One” glittering letters on it, we’re about to witness the upcoming revolutionary Van Gaal era on the Red Devil’s glorious history.

Some say he’s an oracle. Some say he’s a master to the human psyche. And some others just have a blind trust that he can save the sinking ship and lead it to its so-longed glory.

If we’re about to make a review of his World Cup journey and his Oranje team, we can conclude he did pretty well. Actually he did reeeally well, clinching the third-place by defeating the wounded hosts, still slightly howling after that German blitzkrieg. 
Personally, I’d mark Van Gaal’s substitution as the highlight of the tournament, a brave and clever decision taking off an exhausted/inexperienced keeper for an experienced and rested one. Obviously, that would create a psychological block on the opposition’s penalty takers, so thumbs up for the genius, nailed that one!
But, I must admit, while sitting intoxicated on a corner drinking the last drop of the gin and listening to psychedelic music, I wonder why that genius didn’t sub on Krul instead of Huntelaar in the 96th minute of the semi-final. Captain Robin is the leading spirit of the squad and he possesses all he needs to stay on the pitch until the end of the battle. 
Couldn’t Louis see the semi-final was destined to be solved by penalties?
Practically, he left out the hero of the previous match, whose vital saves gave a boost to his greatness as a manager, and let Cillessen on goal (never saved a penalty in his career). He subbed on Huntelaar to produce some scoring chances and wrap a positive outcome early with the intention to prevent the penalties…
Okay that’s clever, Huntelaar’s qualities cannot be underrated and a pair of fresh legs always can make the difference, but except that crucial penalty of his, Huntelaar started and ended the World Cup journey in the shadow.
As a result, subbing on Krul would have been a lot more vital, Louis. It’s not very tactical to use the same action for the second time in a row, but it would’ve been a lot more efficient me thinks. Krul would petrify Messi, and we all know how a petrified Messi acts. He felt like a small ant ahead of a goalkeeper such as Petr Cech. Great keepers collect great results against great goalscorers.
This is sincere from an anonymous goonerette trying to create a good writing profile by writing bad articles about your undisputed reputation of a genius tactician.

Back to the Premier League now!
The arrival of Van Gaal into the Red Devils army may have provoked some panic among the rivals, just the exact way the former ‘Chosen One’ caused. There were predictions at that time United to challenge for the quadruple… 

Following United’s fat £75m a season deal with Adidas, one cannot avoid thinking this team can get back on track attracting World class players by offering juicy offers and wages.
They already have reinforced the area of defence by securing Luke Shaw’s signature from Southampton for just  £27m, and Ander Herrera for £29m. But, it doesn’t end here.
After Conte’s resignation, a door seems to be open and calling for Manchester United to jump on the chance to get the Chilean virtuoso Arturo Vidal. You think it ends here? No.
A thrilling fact to get all the Man United fans happy is the World Cup medal their sensational academy player Ron-Robert Zieler got.
Enjoy it mateys! Most of us don’t have the minimal idea how that feels. 

Manchester United seems to offer a lot of comfort to the fans with the recent movements, no one can deny that but the principal worry of the manager clearly it should be the defence. 
The departure of veteran players such as Vidic and Evra is a serious threat to the squad balance and needs to be sorted out. Bet you pray for them to end up with Jonny Evans and Phil Jones holding the back four while the latter scores the 93th minute winner in the Europa League final. Tempting, no? I’d love to see that, probably even pay. 

However, apart from all the positives and negatives awaiting for LVG, the thing that must not be missed is the unenviable task to get along and control the Wayne hurricane. 
Given the great relationship between Louis and Robin, Rooney will need to struggle a bit to get his sultanesque wishes fulfilled. His preferred playing position as a centre-forward unlikely to be considered by the Dutch as it’s obvious who stands at the top of his list. 
Holland 1-1 Spain Highlights

Maybe we will get to witness Rooney playing into a deeper role, considering the fact that the no. 10 role is already covered really well by Mata.
As a hardworker, Louis demands rigorous training and clear results. Therefore, he hardly would tolerate any mistake by any of his players, so all of you prepare for a long season and don’t get your eyes off Twitter as we all know Rooney can be very entertaining when he tweets, especially when angry & confused.

On behalf of all gooners, we hope Van Gaal won’t disappoint the fans expectations for a demi-god to walk in and contribute to the rising of their beloved club to the highest pedestal of the English and European football. 

Welcome to Premier League, Louis!